Biblical Reasons to Cry: Other People’s Sin

Although we judge ourselves rather lightly, we are pretty good at judging others. We give ourselves the benefit of the doubt, while not giving anyone else a break.

Although we don’t think our sin is that bad, we know for a fact the sins other people do are really, really bad.

But I wonder, in all our moral superiority, if we cry over the sins of others?

Not crying because other people’s sin hurt me. I mean actually feeling pain that others are sinning.

Crying because others are lost, crying because they are living in sin, is a very consistent example of tears in the New Testament.

*Jesus cries over Jerusalem, the city that rejected the prophets is now rejecting their Messiah. It was the will of God that they be gathered to the Messiah, yet their will was different. Jesus cries over their hard rebellion.

*In Luke 23:28 Jesus tells some women who are crying for Him to stop. Rather they should cry for themselves and their children, they are the ones in trouble heading for God’s judgment.

*Paul addresses the Ephesian elders in Acts 20 and weeps while telling them there will be false teachers who will come out of them to mess up the Church.

*In 2 Corinthians 2 Paul says he wrote the first letter to Corinth, that corrected them for all their sinful ways, with tears. He’s glad he made them feel sorrow (guilt) for their sin because that led them to fix them. Paul is happy they felt guilt, let me just repeat that in light of yesterday’s post. Godly sorrow leads to repentance which leads to eternal life.

*In Philippians 3 Paul weeps when he thinks of false teachers who are enemies of the cross.

Paul seems particularly moved to tears when he thinks about the sin and false teaching going on in the church. Just as Jesus Christ had zeal for His Father’s House, the Temple, Paul has zeal for Jesus Christ’s house, the church.

Everyone and their mother has a problem with some church. I just wonder if we’re offended, or if we actually cry over the false teaching and sin running rampant. It’s fun to mock Joel Osteen and our other false teacher of the moment fads, but have we cried over it?

Do we have any zeal for the House of Jesus Christ? Does it bother you that sin is killing people all around you?