Biblical Reasons to Cry: Life Stinks

There are some who maintain that everything that happens on earth is God’s will. Not like His will will but His will. Some have gone so far as to say that things like the Holocaust and child rape are done by God’s divine decree.

I find this to be the height of blasphemy.

Yet the teaching somehow prevails despite my opinion.

Jesus Christ told His followers to pray “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” which clearly shows that God’s will is not being done here.

Adam and Eve brought in sin, and with sin came death. Death entered and creation is groaning and travailing, waiting for the adoption of the sons of God.

This earth is filled with pain and misery. This is not God’s will for humanity; this is the result of humanity’s sin. God does not enjoy watching people suffer. Suffering is the result of our choices. Choices God warns us not to make.

We live in a world where even if you make all the right choices, sin and corruption have taken root so much you will still suffer. Ask Jesus Christ.

In fact, the New Testament says if you do Christianity right, you will suffer persecution. Sinners hate light. If you reflect light you will be hated. You’ll also have to fix your septic tank and unclog drains and pay out the nose for health insurance, etc.

Life stinks, especially while fixing your septic tank. It’s why we are to have a desire to depart.

The New Testament shows people weeping over the sad stuff of life. These are things the Bible thinks are fine to cry about.

*Acts 20:19 tells us that Paul cried many tears while being persecuted and beat up on.

*A few verses later the elders of Ephesus cry upon Paul’s departure knowing they will probably never see him again, as he was going to Jerusalem to be arrested.

*In 2 Timothy 1 Paul remembers Timothy’s tears over him, probably also knowing he wouldn’t see Paul, his mentor and father figure, ever again.

*Hebrews 5:7, not an easy verse to interpret, says that priests cry while making intercession.

Life is filled with bad stuff. It hurts. We groan. We cry. This is not our home. It’s OK to feel hurt and cry. Yes, we need to look to the future and the author and finisher of our faith, but a little bit of crying never hurt anyone.