Blessed Are You Who Weep Now

Just as laughter is the physical manifestation of happiness, tears manifest sadness.

Many of the tears we have shed in life are pure selfishness.

When you were born you cried all the time. You cried when you were hungry, when you were tired, when you were “over tired,” and whenever you wanted something different.

As you grew up you began to hurt yourself. You cried when you were in pain and continued to cry over your selfish desires not being met.

Eventually you reached (hopefully) an age where sympathy comes in. Perhaps, maybe a couple times you cried because someone else was, or because someone else was sad, or maybe a movie made you cry.

Crying is sometimes nothing more than self-pity because we didn’t get our way.

Tears are mentioned in the Bible quite a bit. The Bible is a book about reality and reality is sad. This world is not what it was supposed to be. Sin brings in nasty effects and those effects are sad.

Jesus Christ, the man of sorrow acquainted with grief, once said, “blessed are you who weep now for you will laugh.”

We’re supposed to be weeping now. Our laughter comes in eternity.

A. W. Tozer said it best,

The soldier does not seek to be happy in the field; he seeks rather to get the fighting over with, to win the war and get back to his loved ones. There he may enjoy himself to the full; but while the war is on, his most pressing job is to be a good soldier, to acquit himself like a man, regardless of how he feels.

The world we live in now is a battlefield. It’s a grueling race to be run. You don’t laugh through that.

But, when it’s over, watch out! That is when our true joy will be experienced in its fullness and laughter will mark our eternity.

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