No Tears In Heaven?

Eric Clapton sang a song about there being no tears in heaven. As great as Mr. Clapton is at playing the guitar, he’s no theologian.

Just as Christianity has a very wrong view of happiness on earth, they also have a wrong view of tears in heaven.

According to the standard Christian view: Christians don’t want tears on earth or in heaven. Meanwhile, the Bible puts plenty of tears in both places.

I’ll focus on the book of Revelation, one of the few books that gives us glimpses of heaven.

John is in heaven and sees a scroll that no one can open. John immediately bursts out crying. Tears in heaven.

Revelation 7 says the Lamb will wipe away tears from the eyes of people in heaven. In order to wipe tears away, tears must be there to begin with. Tears in heaven.

In both cases, people in heaven are hurting for the scenes of violence and corruption on the earth. John is bummed because no one can open the scroll that will judge all the unrighteous deeds on earth. Heavenly people are mourning, how much longer will God let evil prevail?

People in heaven seem to have a notion of what’s going on down here. Since they have now seen and experienced what full righteousness is like, the wickedness of this place causes them tears.

It’s not until later when God sets things right that no one cries anymore. Watch what happens in Revelation

Revelation 11:10—world rejoices over torment of God’s witnesses–people on earth think unrighteousness is happy.
Revelation 12:12—Satan is cast out of heaven to cause havoc on earth. God says because of this, heaven should rejoice and the earth will mourn over this.

It isn’t until God begins to drop judgment on the earth that people in heaven begin to rejoice. Until then, all earth’s sufferings are a cause of pain to those in heaven. They want righteousness to prevail.

God wipes out Babylon, the great city of earth’s luxury. When those on earth see Babylon fall they are crushed. Now the earth mourns when their pretty little city gets destroyed.

Meanwhile, back in heaven, God’s people are rejoicing! The Great Babylon is fallen shows the downfall of earth’s power, rebellion, and false kingdom.

Revelation 18:11-19—the world will weep when judgment drops.
Revelation 18:20—heaven rejoices over this judgment!

It’s not until the new heaven and the new earth where all pain and tears are taken away, Revelation 21:4.

Christianity has a very poor doctrine of crying. It’s enough to make a guy cry. I believe we should get it right or else we may find ourselves on the wrong side.

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