Here’s Who You Blame When You Find Out You’re A Moron

When I was in college, I assumed I was smart. I assumed I knew nearly everything there was to know.

Then I heard some stuff I’d never heard before. Hmm, what to do with this? I could conclude:

1) My teachers in my younger years must have been morons, or
2) This must be new information

Certainly it couldn’t be that I didn’t know something!

Many college age kids are like this. They swallow the party line they were taught, which may or may not be good depending on what party you were born into, then once they leave the house they are introduced to new stuff they’ve never heard before.

Since they know everything, yet they didn’t know this, they assume no one else must have heard of it either. Foundations shake.

They go back to their home pastor, “What’s up with this Calvinism stuff? Didn’t you know God created people to go to hell for His glory?”

Yup, the pastor knew, probably even taught on it 4,000 times. You just weren’t paying attention. You had no idea you needed to, you thought you already knew everything.

It’s funny to me how many people assume that since some doctrine is new to them, it must be new to everyone. It’s amusing how many people have informed me of “new doctrines” that have been around for 1,000 years or so. There’s nothing new under the sun.

Just because you’re clueless doesn’t mean everyone is.

Yet everyone goes through a clueless stage. It’s best to teach people that they are clueless. It’s best to inform people that learning requires work.

Too often we lead people to think that God zaps you with knowledge, that you just let go and let God fill in the details.

Nope. Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Study means zeal, energy. Workman means you need to work. The Bible is a large book. The fact that we think we know everything in it only proves our stupidity.

It’s a lifetime of learning, and even then you won’t get it all.

The most frightening people in all the world are those who figured it all out long ago. They don’t teach that learning is hard and takes forever, because for them, it didn’t.

And there’s a reason why it didn’t.


3 thoughts on “Here’s Who You Blame When You Find Out You’re A Moron”

  1. Like being in a room lit by a 25-watt bulb and then going outside to see the blazing sun. (“Everybody knew this except me and the people with me?”)[I’m a moron? Well, if the shoe fits…] 😄

  2. It’s interesting that those of us who enjoy sport are prepared to put the necessary time in that is required for us to train for an event. We are prepared to dedicate time to learn a new hobby. There is never any problem finding the time to watch our favourite TV program. However for some reason we are very reluctant to dedicate time for serious studying of scripture.

  3. Perhaps that is because our churches have gone so far in bashing works that to tell someone you have to “work at it” sounds too much like legalism. That’s my theory. Not to mention the muddled “let go and let God” stuff, my second theory.

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