False Liberty Is Merely Subjection to the Definer of Liberty

Biblical liberty does not mean “you can do whatever you want.”

Although many false teachers have promised this definition, there’s no way it can happen.

There are many proponents of grace and love that overstate liberty.

They tout some sort of doctrine that–since you’re in Christ, God doesn’t see you any more. That, since there’s no condemnation, you can do whatever you want and be free of guilt. Good works are probably bad, you can do whatever you want now. There are no commands; only suggestions. Etc.

This is all human philosophy justifying our desire to continue in sin. There is no way this teaching can hold up with any sort of consistent reading of Scripture.

However, few consistently read Scripture, so the teaching has spread far and wide.

This sort of thing does not surprise the writers of Scripture. Peter was aware of this stuff long before we heard about it.

While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage.

The irony of teachers who teach that liberty means you can do whatever you want, is that they bring you under bondage in another direction.

I’ve seen this worked out before my very eyes.

I knew some folks who told me I could do whatever I wanted, good works weren’t necessary and God only suggested we do things, He never commanded us.

One day I wore a tie to church in front of them. They about had a conniption. “No, no, no! You don’t have to dress up in church, we know grace. We don’t wear ties.”

OK, wait, what now? Because you know grace and liberty I can’t wear a tie?

Often if you turn to the wrong book of the Bible (usually one that talks about doing good stuff–prime example is The Sermon on the Mount, don’t even think about James) they will tell you that you can’t read that part.

If you mention tithing, you’ll get a lecture you’ll never forget.

Serving the poor is right out. What are you trying to earn your salvation?

It’s horribly ironic. People have weird notions about liberty. They will free you from obligation to do stuff they don’t want to do, but trust me, they’ll bind you in something else.

This is not liberty and it falls way short of Biblical liberty. Don’t listen to people; follow God’s Word and learn the true liberty in Christ.

2 thoughts on “False Liberty Is Merely Subjection to the Definer of Liberty”

  1. Strange how some say they are for liberty but force onto people rules for the sake of keeping people away from false doctrine. So, for the sake of liberty, they entice people into slavery to manmade rules.

  2. Liberty is too terrifying, especially when you’re “in charge.” People might use their liberty to leave. People don’t trust the Holy Spirit to guide, they feel a need to control.

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