Watching the Super Bowl or Go To Church? That is the Question

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl. Super Bowl Sunday always brings baggage with it. There are several issues you hear every year from Christian types. Let’s examine a couple

1) It’s a sin to worship football on God’s Day.
This one gets lots of mileage. It never seems to dawn on folks that Saturday is technically God’s Day, so actually it’s college football that’s evil. Furthermore, the fact that people watch football on Sundays doesn’t mean they have turned from the faith. It means they watch football on Sundays. “Let no man judge you  regarding holy days” is what a guy named THE Apostle Paul said.

2) God doesn’t care who wins football games.
This is usually from the same people who think God cares about all their inane details of life. If God cares about all your inane details of life, does He not care about the details of athletes’ lives? Does He not care about people who are interested in such stuff? Many believe that God is sovereign, has every meticulous detail worked out from before the foundation of the world, but not football? Really? A little consistency here people.

3) People skip church to watch football and that is Satan.
Yeah, well, listen up, newsflash, people have been skipping church for any number of things. Based on some of the excuses I’ve heard, watching football seems fairly legit. If you believe that God will bless you for attending church during the Super Bowl, you might need a refresher course on the concepts of the New Covenant. Furthermore, if you believe you are inherently better than others for having gone to church while others watched football, you might want to examine your pride. If Super Bowl Sunday is one of the few Sunday nights you are in church just to prove a point, you have serious issues.

4) Football is stupid.
Fair enough. I think most of your interests are stupid too. Just because you don’t get my enjoyment of football doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It just means it’s different from your enjoyment. God did freely give us all things to enjoy. If your heart condemns you not; go for it.

5) Football is unclean.
Pigs don’t chew the cud. Tom Brady throws deflated pigskins. Do the math. Just made that up, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were actually a complaint that some make.

Romans 14 is probably called for here. Don’t flaunt your footballness. If a fellow believer is tempted to skip church because of you skipping for football, I strongly encourage you not to skip. Otherwise, do your thing. Hast thou faith? Have it to yourself before God. I trust the Holy Spirit enough to let Him lead you on this issue.

Or, you can be like my church and never have Sunday night church, then you don’t have to worry about it.

2 thoughts on “Watching the Super Bowl or Go To Church? That is the Question”

  1. Since Super Bowl is in the late afternoon, it perplexes me that this topic is even an issue.

  2. It has more to do with churches that have evening services, many starting at 6 or 7, so it does interfere with their services.

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