Hey Christians! Get to Work!

Learning requires time and work. Whatever skill you wish to achieve, or what subject you desire to “know,” you’re going to have to dedicate yourself to it and do the work.

Somehow, we think Christianity is an exception.

I imagine that’s because of our aversion to “works righteousness.” Since the Bible clearly says we are not saved by works, we assume Christianity will just happen for us.

This either takes the approach of “Let go and let God” where you just kind of float around and let God take the wheel. Or it’s some sort of warmed over Calvinism that God always does what He wants, so just sit and let Him do His thing.

Either way, or even if there are other reasons, all of them are wrong!

The New Testament is filled with commands to get moving, to get to work, to study, to be sober and watch, to move toward perfection, to purge yourself, etc.

When you look for these verses, you’ll find them all over the place. If you desire not to see them, that is possible too apparently!

In our desire to avoid works righteousness and elevate grace, we end up making human responsibility null.

Then we wonder why we have no fruit. Many lack assurance and can’t figure out why. Many are stuck in besetting sins and can get no victory.

I believe many want to fight these things and legitimately do the work to overcome, but alas, they’ve been told that is wrong. “Just let God do it in His time.”

Therefore, we’ve conveniently blamed God for our mediocrity.

I imagine when we stand before Him on Judgment Day, this line of reasoning isn’t going to hold water.

It is high time to wake out of slumber and get busy using what Christ has provided through His Gospel. Work out what He’s worked in.

Christians are the one people who have been redeemed to do good works. It’s the whole point of being here! It makes us peculiar, because everyone else has no motivation and thus become lazy.

Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.

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