Love, God’s Commands, and Sin

Love seems to be the only legitimate reason to not follow one of God’s stated commands. I believe this is what is at work when David and his guys ate the shewbread, when the midwives lied to Pharaoh, and when Rahab lied to protect the slaves.

We need to be careful here. Love is the fulfilling of the law, so even the loving act must still be in agreement with God’s character.

(I’m not sure that Rahab and the midwives won’t still be judged as sinning in those lies, based on Romans 3:7.)

In other words, I have heard people attempt to justify their sin by putting a cute, lovey spin on it.

Well, smoking cigarettes keeps me calm, so I have to smoke in order to love my kids.

I have to let loose and get drunk to maintain patience to love my husband.

That kind of stuff.

It is my opinion, that if you have a premeditated violation of God’s law and work your way into a fine sounding justification, you’re probably just feeding the flesh.

Most of the acts that were done in “violation” of one of God’s laws, was done on the spur of the moment. The loving thing to do when confronted about spies was to lie. I doubt she thought about it much beforehand.

Living by faith and testing God are split by a fine line. It’s a line we need to be mindful of, one that ought to make us doubt our reasonings and justifications.

The heart is deceitful. Don’t trust yourself.

When we are sincerely loving others, very little of what comes out of that love is going to violate God’s commands. Love is not a loophole for fleshly living.

Really, what it is is a better glimpse into the mind of God. He is a judge that is righteous, and because of that, one worth trusting because righteousness also makes Him compassionate.

This is a good thing. Go and do likewise.