Loopholes to Get Out of Obeying God’s Commands

Think of a broad category of sin and I bet I can find an instance in the Bible where it really wasn’t that bad, in fact, it might have been good.

Sabbath day–Jesus violates it all the time. Israel violates when walking around Jericho. Priests violate it all the time.

Honor parents–unless a person hates mother and father they can’t be Jesus’ disciple.

No murder–Phinehas kills two adulterating people with a spear and gets justified because of it.

Adultery–the woman caught in adultery was released without condemnation. Hosea was told by God to marry an unfaithful woman, thereby making him one with an adulterer, and thus making him an adulterer.

No stealing–OK, struggling to find one on this one! Jesus comes as a thief in the night maybe!?

False witness–midwives lie to Pharaoh and get blessed by God for it. Rahab lies about the spies and gets rescued.

Don’t covet–Paul tells us to covet earnestly the best gifts.

I skipped the first few commandments since they relate to worshiping God alone and not using His name in vain. Although God did “wink at” the time of idolatry the Gentiles were in, I wouldn’t push these commandments.

Having said that, none of the exceptions make the rule less binding. The point is that we do tend to get judgmental about external things, whereas God leaves a little wiggle room for the internal heart at the time.

God blessed the lying midwives and Rahab, will they still be judged for their lie, or will God let it go because they were protecting innocent lives? Romans 3:7 seems to touch on that.

I would never recommend someone go to Scripture with the mindset–let’s see how we can loophole our way out of doing right. At the same time, I don’t think we should entirely eliminate loopholes in the deeds of others.

In fact, that might be the key–don’t give yourself a loophole, but feel free to extend one to someone else. Give them the benefit of the doubt.

Nothing I can say here will be the final word on the subject. Just when you think there are loopholes for seemingly good reasons, Uzzah dies for steadying the Ark. Even the loophole theory doesn’t work consistently.

In the end, God is the judge, not you. Chill. Live by faith.

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