Weightier Matters

Jesus Christ rips into the Pharisees at one point by telling them they neglected the “weightier matters of the law.”

While the Pharisees were intricately counting out exactly 10% of their grains, they were neglecting judgment, mercy, and faith. Jesus tells them while swallowing a camel, they strained out gnats.

Is Jesus saying that there are some issues in the Bible more important than others?


At the same time, Jesus adds that they should take care of judgment, mercy, and faith, and not neglect their tithe either.

In other words, just because one doctrine is more important than another, doesn’t mean the other is not important at all.

People have the tendency to go to extremes with such things. We find balance by flipping out to the exact opposite polarity. Wrong answer.

The Pharisees took care of the minor issue and ignored the major issue. Flipping out and taking care of the major without doing the minor is also wrong.

This episode shows us the importance of finding the right hills to die on. You can’t fight about everything. Some things come first.

Make sure you pick the right thing to go first! Don’t fight over smaller matters when what’s important is the big stuff.

It’s why Paul said he was under the law to those under the law, even though he himself was not under the law. He just wasn’t going to fight over law issues for the sake of possibly jeopardizing the sharing the Gospel.

If we only had that self-control and that awareness of the needs of others and dropped our obsession with our rights. Lord help us all.

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