Scientists and Creationists are Both Stupid

Scientists have managed to win the PR battle in the creation/science debate.

One reason why is because Creationists are often very dismissive of scientific stuff and resort to wink-wink, nod-nod belittling humor.

Also, many Creationists should shut up. Just because you read Genesis 1 and 2 a couple of times does not make you an expert on science.

One of the things scientists have managed to do is portray Creationists as biased, blinded, follow the pack idiots. Although this is often the case, Creationists do not have a monopoly in this.

Scientists portray themselves as unbiased observers and proclaimers of fact. It is somewhat stunning how they’ve pulled that off, since it’s impossible to actually do this.

I recently read a for-real, actual scientist say:

But scientists, like everybody else, base most of their opinions on the word of other people. Of the great majority who accept Darwinism, most (though not all) do so based on authority.

This scientist is frustrated by the lockstep acceptance of Darwinism in the scientific community. In his study of biochemistry, he sees no ground for continuing to go with Darwin in most areas. This man is by no means a Creationist either.

He’s frustrated because, fearing they will give ammunition to Creationists, scientists won’t take seriously the scientific challenges against Darwinism.

Science is filled with just as many empty-headed religious people as Creationism is.

Science is supposed to be observation, classification, and explanation of tested facts. Everyone knows this, but the idea that this is routinely being done is silly.

It takes just as much faith to believe Darwinism as it does Creationism. That’s why atheism has become more popular lately. Science knows it needs a religion too, hence the recent invention of atheist churches.

At the end of the day, you have to believe something. Believing people know what they’re talking about is probably the first step to your destruction.

People are idiotsscience and religion hold this as true. Idiots cannot be trusted. Let us agree to begin there, and then do the serious work of figuring out what to believe about life, death, God, and everything else.

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