Luke 18’s Persevering Prayer and New Cars

I read a book on prayer last week. 150 pages were good. Unfortunately, the book was 270 pages long.

All books on prayer will eventually touch on Luke 18 and the widow who bugs the unjust ruler until he finally gives in to her demands lest she “weary me.”

The word “weary” is actually a Greek word for “to give a black eye.” It’s used by Paul talking about buffeting his body to keep it in subjection. It’s a fighting or boxing word. To pummel.

The application is always:

Don’t give up in your prayers! Wrestle with God! Hang on for your blessing! Keep bugging Him and He will finally relent.

This is a nice try at an application, but I suggest we stick with the application Jesus gave with the parable.

Jesus is not talking about you really, really wanting your kid to get into your choice school, nor is it talking about a new car, or a new job God will give you if you’re irritating enough about it.

Nope. Sorry. You’re just irritating, that’s all.

Jesus explains what the parable means.

It’s about the elect crying out to God because of injustice done to them. The promise is that yes, God will avenge His people for the abuse they take down here. When will He do this? When He comes back.

Unfortunately, when He comes back, will He find faith on the earth?

It seems to me this scene is played out in Revelation 6 when those who came out of Great Tribulation call out to God, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?

Yes, we should not lose heart in prayer, but specifically we are not to lose heart in tribulation and persecution. God will avenge. Hang in there.

This isn’t the kind of prayer where you have to gin up emotion. If you have to be told to persevere in your prayer, this isn’t what He’s talking about!

These are people who are beaten down, there is massive injustice, and they want God to take care of it quickly. They cry day and night over it. Not because they were told to do so to manipulate God to do their will, but because they had no other option.

They were in a bad place. Perseverance was natural. They will do it and God will avenge.

Apply the passage the way it was written, and give up on bugging God until you get that Mercedes.

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  1. Amen. Prayer is not about seeking God for stuff or even things per se. It is about Him! How many worthless prayer meetings I have been to where we wasted time talking about our “needs” instead of seeking God who already knows our needs (Matthew 6:8)!

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