Selfish Ambition and Love

It’s amazing how much selfishness gets blamed on love.

I have heard many athletes say that they train so hard because they love their wife and kids. Yet all their training they do is alone away from home, but it’s somehow or another done for love for those they are ignoring.

I have heard several mountain climbers say they summit their huge mountain because of love for wife and kids, to get back to them, because for all the months they are gone climbing their family is not with them.

I have heard many successful business people say they work long hours because they love their family, even though those long hours take them away from their family.

This is a very odd notion of love: I’m doing what I want away from you to show you my love for you.

Not too shockingly, many of these folks have multiple marriages since, for some odd reason, their marriages don’t work out well.

All of this seems akin to Christians and their professed love for God.

No, we don’t do anything God says really, and no, we don’t spend any time “with Him,” but hey, look at all these cool things I did that I did for you!

Many a large ministry is done “for God” even though it violates many of God’s commands.

Many a minister has a broken family because he was busy being busy in what he felt was busy for God, but was actually just his ego trying to be impressive.

Many a church schedule is filled with things God never mentioned, while what He did command never seems to make the to-do-list.

Jesus says that on Judgment Day many will call Him Lord and will have all kinds of impressive deeds to point to. “Look at all I did away from you! But it was all for you and my great love for you!”

Jesus tells them to go away, all they did was work iniquity.

How much of your religion is merely egotistical achievement you do to feel better than others?

What are you actually doing out of humble obedience compared to how much you are doing out of prideful ambition?

Are we doing the commands of God or the traditions of men? Doing what looks good to man and calling that “good enough” for God?

So much of true faith is done in secret, stuff no one even knows about. If you only serve God when people are watching, when Facebook posts can advertise it, or when attention can be grabbed, you’re way off.

Go home. Spend time with God. Don’t let your left hand know what the right is doing. Obey God in silence. Let your Father in heaven reward you, not the people on earth.

If you love God, He’ll know. It really doesn’t matter what anyone else knows.

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