The Simplicity of Simplicity is Simple

I read this sentence, which struck me as one of the most ironical sentences I’ve ever read.

The Evangelical Commitment to a Simple Lifestyle is a lengthy document.”

How is that not funny? People wrote a lengthy document on how to live simple. People who live simple don’t write lengthy documents about how to live simple. That’s called an oxy-moron, among other things.

Besides being “radical,” perhaps the latest fad word about following Christ is “simplicity.”

I’m a guy who is all for simplicity. I hate stuff. Simplicity is my middle name. I love keeping things simple. I was simplistic before simplicity was cool. I know simplicity when I see it.

That’s why this new call to simplicity strikes me as funny. Almost 8,000 books show up on Amazon about simplicity. This stupid piece of kitsch is a perfect example.


Anyone who believed this would never buy this!

You don’t need a book to tell you how to be simple. You don’t. Just stop doing most stuff, quit buying stuff, throw stuff away, and boom, you’re left with simple!

Some people call this obedience to Christ; I call it garbage day.

There is a simplicity in following Christ. If we truly did it, all we’d do is do what He said. That’s it. You don’t need a book on that, besides the one He wrote.

Beware of the theology that over-explains the simple. You are being fed human philosophy, not biblical discipleship.

In the lengthy document, The Evangelical Commitment to a Simple Lifestyle, there is very little of the Bible and much of fitting in with a hip version of Christianesque philosophy.

Be not deceived by the simplicity that is in Christ.

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