Radical Faith is Faith Without Anything Radical

There are many books out about radically following of Jesus. They always make me nervous.

What bugs me most about these “radical” books is how little in the way of radical they contain.

In fact, most pretty much say the same old stuff.

A recent one I read said part of radically following Christ was to do all we can to stop global warming. Really? That’s radical? That’s following Christ?

Of course, this radically following Jesus book, with a whole chapter on environmental stewardship, quoted exactly zero verses from Christ about it.

That’s fine if you want to sustain your environment, Jesus certainly doesn’t say not to. But He also never puts it as a prime area of faith, or even mentions it.

Unless “radical” means “stupid,” I fail to see how any of these books capture radical discipleship.

Although we like to use extreme terms, attention grabbing titles, and adrenaline pumping rah-rah stuff, God steers away from it.

Jesus does not seem radical to me. He seems quiet, going about His business, doing what His Father told Him with the full expectation He would be rejected.

In fact, one of the most radical aspects of discipleship is the total absence of radicalness.

Christianity is day-to-day. Choice after choice. Step by step. Typically it is made up of mundane obedience minus excitement.

We are running a very long race with patience, not radical effort here and there when we feel emotionally pumped up enough.

We’re in it for the long haul, not the short sprint.

Want to be radical? Then have a faith that does not resemble the world and its interests, its desire to be attention grabbing and radical, rather than peaceful, quiet, and obedient.

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