The Virgin Birth And You

The virgin birth of Christ is one of those things Christians affirm, the world mocks, and everyone is confused by.

Christ was born in the flesh, as a baby. Unlike all other babies, He was not created from the natural reproductive process. He had no physical father.

Rather, somehow or another, God placed within Mary the fetus that was Christ. This does not mean God had sex with Mary, please don’t go there.

God brings things into existence by His Word and His Spirit. That’s what happened, and then Jesus was born.

The virgin birth isn’t just a doctrine, it’s also a very cool explanation of spiritual life.

Jesus told Nicodemus he had to be born again. Nicodemus was confused, “Do I have to re-enter my mother’s womb and be born again?” Typical natural person’s response.

Jesus was, of course, talking about spiritual birth, being born as a child of God. Spiritual rebirth.

Here’s our linkage:

Just as the spiritual Jesus Christ was born through spiritual means to be physical; we physical people are born again through spiritual means to be spiritual.

Got it?

You must be born again. Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God.

Christ was made like us so we would be made like Him. It is through the Spirit that Christ was made like us, and it’s through the Spirit we are made like Him.

Just as Christ had a virgin birth, so to do believers have a rebirth that is of divine means, not normal physical means.

When we are born after the same manner of Christ–by spiritual means–Christ is not ashamed to call us “brothers” since we now have the same Father.

There is coolness here. Enjoy the coolness.

Merry Christmas.

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