Curiosity, Dead Cats, and Faith

Curiosity is what did in humanity. I heard someone say the serpent in the Garden of Eden had the easiest job ever.

Humanity was going to eat that fruit. This is our assumption, of course, being born into a race of people who have already eaten the fruit!

I think Adam and Eve were pretty cool with things until that idea sprang up. It took another creature to spur the thought.

Curiosity is usually seen as a bad thing.

“Curiosity killed the cat” is the old saying. So, clearly we can learn from this that curiosity can be a good thing. Clearly it has redeeming qualities, amen?

Curiosity is generally frowned upon by those in authority. Much of religion that people have a problem with, is human power enforced with fear.

Human power fears curiosity. Curiosity might throw back the curtain revealing the tiny man back there running the show. It’s why the Church burned scientists.

God does not seem to mind curiosity. He’s big enough to handle it. He seems fairly thrilled to have people who have the guts to ask the impossible. He frowns upon group thinking, and even warns us not to go on the broad road.

However, curiosity can still be dangerous, it did lead to Adam and Eve’s sin–I wonder what would happen if we ate that fruit?

There is a curiosity that is contrary to faith. A curiosity that is testing God rather than wonderment.

When curiosity says “I wonder if I can get away with not listening?” Then you’re in bad curiosity.

Curiosity and faith are linked. Curiosity and sin are linked. “Whatsoever is not of faith is sin.” Curiosity has a place, but one must also be careful.

Knowing when to be curious and when to shut up and do what you’re told is part of the fight of faith. Choose wisely.

I believe this is one reason why faith isn’t about knowing rules, but knowing the Rule Giver. If you don’t know the character of God, you’ll have a hard time discerning between faith and testing God.

You won’t know when to be curious and when not to be. Know God. Know when to be curious.

2 thoughts on “Curiosity, Dead Cats, and Faith”

  1. So it’s not about living according to the Law but by living with Christ and reflecting Him more and more. Then we fulfill the Law. Oh, this is cool!!!

    Still have to get straight what Jesus did on the cross, but that will cime.

  2. It’s about knowing God, not just about knowing some stuff that He said. What Christ did through His birth, life, death, and resurrection shows us who God is and takes care of all that hinders us from knowing Him.

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