When “I Don’t Know” is Good and Bad

My kids began playing a trivia game with friends at school. In an effort to make sure my kids are doing good things, I began playing it as well.

Through playing this game, it has become clear to me that there are certain things I know and other things I have no clue. I have gotten many questions wrong about actresses and actors, the TV show Friends, and stuff about the periodic table.

I have been on this planet for over 40 years. I have now had plenty of time to learn what I wanted.

Therefore, I must conclude that the stuff I don’t know at this point in life, I don’t know simply because I didn’t want to know it.

I will grant the point that there are many things that are beyond our knowing: unrevealed wisdom of God, truly how life is created in the womb, where life was before that, how everything has not yet flown apart, why women think the way they do, etc.

There are subjects where “I don’t know” has to be the definitive word. I am not speaking about those things.

I am speaking of stuff that could be learned.

Trivia games also reveal to me how much completely stupid stuff I know. Why do I know who sings “Free Falling” and all the lyrics? Why do I know that Michael Jackson’s Thriller album is the top-selling album of all time?

I almost feel dumber having known these things.

Especially in light of the fact that I can’t quote many verses, or remember where they are found.

If I have time to play a stupid trivia game, do I not have the time to learn things in the trivia game? Do I not then also clearly demonstrate I have time to learn things that God would have me to learn?

I believe entertainment will be one of the big things used against us on the Day of Judgment. “You had 1,300 hours on Candy Crush, yet you don’t know the Beatitudes? According to spell-check, you didn’t even know how to spell Beatitudes right the first time. Seriously?”

There are many things I didn’t know, that I now know. The reason I know them is because I wanted to know them. I really did.

Yes, there are many things I’d like to know that I don’t know, but apparently I really didn’t want to learn them, otherwise I’d know them.

It might be priorities, that’s the best spin. But it’s probably more laziness and apathy. Satan is an artist at distraction.

You will stand before the Lord one day, what ought you to learn before that point? Not the cast of Friends, I can tell you that.

There are many things I want to know. I will prove how much I want to know them by the test of whether I learn them or not.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

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  1. Good post for the end of the year. I’m trying to substitute more audio Bible in Bible Gateway for Facebook, another time sucker.

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