Relax About Stupid People and Their Sin

Saturday I explained why I didn’t think Christians needed to fuss about Muslims praying in Cathedrals. I stick with what I said.

But I also will add: it’s still pretty stupid.

Do Muslims really not have any places to pray? When was the last time Christians were invited into that prominent of a mosque to pray? Will this effort to symbolically show coexistence really lead to any real peace?

But see, this is where life is: everything on this planet is stupid, and yet doesn’t matter. Read Ecclesiastes knowing that God meant what He said there.

Our government banned the incandescent lightbulb. As a legally blind guy who needs bright lights to see what’s going on, this really irks me. The current situation with health insurance is so stupid, it defies any sense of logic.

When I think on these, and other equally stupid things, it makes me mad. I feel like hitting people.

This concerns other people’s sin, too. There are many people who sin and hurt others. I feel like punching them in the face for their stupid sin that caused all the problems. But alas, God says, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay.” “The wrath of man does not work the righteousness of God.”

God will take care of other people’s sin. My job is to deal with my own, do good, and show love. I’m not supposed to get all hot and bothered about other people’s sin, nor about their stupid.

Typically, when I get upset about other people’s sin, it leads to my own sin and the self-justification of my sin.

All sin and stupid bugs God more than it bugs you. Your and my sin and stupid bugs Him, too. Our job is to love. We are to set our affection on things above. “Affection” means interest your mind in, care for the things above.

The Bible consistently tells us that this life and all that is in the world is temporal and vain. Yet we get heated over these things regularly, while ignoring things of true spiritual importance.

Satan likes to distract. If he can busy you in fuming over Muslim prayers rather than you fixing your own wimpy prayer life, he’ll do that trade all day, every day.