Even Under Grace God Wants Obedience and True Worship

Both the Major and Minor Prophets are ignored by the Church, if not despised.

With all seriousness, there are some obscure parts to these books. But there are also plenty of straightforward, in your face, no doubt what this means, passages.

Prophets, as a group, were fairly ticked off. God’s people were not listening to God. They were playing games with Him, thinking that a few religious observances would be just fine. Practical obedience was optional, at best.

God warned of judgment if they didn’t shape up. They weren’t shaping up. Judgment came.

Now that we’re “under grace” and not law, apparently God has completely changed His mind on this subject. Apparently He’s now OK with religious observances minus actual obedience.

Since Jesus died and rose again, God has apparently given up. He no longer feels like judging hypocritical people who do heartless worship while living in sin.

Really? Perhaps if we took these books more seriously we’d see the passion God has for people’s holiness. Do you really think what you do doesn’t matter?

To whom much is given, much is required. Guess who has more given to them–those who just had the Law, or those who had God in the flesh revealed to them?

Yeah. If God took sin and false worship seriously back then, I’m guessing He does even more so now. As Paul says, we are heaping up judgment against ourselves for the day of judgment.

No, God isn’t nailing people left and right like He seemed to in the OT (even though that is also a misconception. Judgment is God’s strange work). But Judgment is coming.

I suggest we take His Word seriously. What happens to people who trample under foot the Son of God is not good.

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  1. Comparing translations in 1 Sam. 12, “worship” is similar to “serve”. Reminds me of Rom. 12:1-2. We worship God by fearing Him and obeying His commandments.

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