Rejoice Evermore

I mentioned “rejoice evermore” in my sermon yesterday. Cool two-word verse.

People get the wrong idea about the Christian concepts of “joy” and “rejoicing.”

Many think it means you are always smiling, making slap-happy comments about how awesome Jesus is and rolling in your blessings.

This works fine at birthday parties and Christmas, not so well at funerals, hospital visits, and most of the rest of life. We are supposed to mourn. People who mourn are blessed, according to Jesus.

True Christian joy is the result of the Spirit’s work in your life, pointing you to Christ and to the eternity He bought for you. Hope is the essence of joy.

You can have the worst day ever, one akin to poor Job, and at the end of the day you can still with hope and joy say, “Well, I’m one day closer to meeting the Lord.”

But rejoicing isn’t just something we struggle to do when things are bad; it can even be tough to truly rejoice when things are going well.

For instance, when the 70 disciples that Jesus sent out came back and reported about their ministry victories, Jesus said to them, “Don’t rejoice over this, rejoice that your name is written in heaven.”

Even when things go well, that’s still not what we’re rejoicing about. We rejoice because we ‘re saved. Because this world is just a temporary home.

Christ has saved you. You have eternal life. You are a partaker of the divine nature.

Regardless of the good or bad of life, this should supply you with a constant drip of joy. Enjoy that. Rejoice evermore.