Why I Don’t Care About Reformation Sunday

Reformation Day was yesterday, the anniversary of Luther’s nailing the 95 Theses to the door of Wittenberg Church. Tomorrow is “Reformation Sunday.”

I don’t bother with such things too much. But I’m also a guy who doesn’t bother too much with Christmas or Easter either, so take it with a grain of salt.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate guys bashing the Catholic Church, which has been quite corrupt over the years. I do appreciate their efforts to call some order and Bible into the equation of religion.

At the same time, I hear a lot of weird stuff about how great the Reformers were. Yesterday someone said, “If it weren’t for the Reformation you still wouldn’t have an English Bible.”

That’s just plain silly. There had been English translations for quite some time, even some as early as the 7th Century. Wycliffe did his work in the 1300’s, 200 years before Luther hammered anything anywhere.

If the Protestant Reformation had never occurred, no doubt, something else would have, as indeed other things did apart from Luther anyway. He wasn’t the only guy in the world ticked off about things.

Besides the Protestant Reformation, there were other reforming movements working around the same time. The Anabaptist and Baptist movements crept up apart from Luther. Menno Simons, the guy of the period I have the most in common with doctrinally, did his stuff apart from Luther and his movement.

Again, I appreciate much of what Luther did, and he took risk in doing it. I applaud that, not trying to disparage the good that came of it. But to rewrite history to make Luther the Father of all non-Catholic churches goes too far.

If you belong to a Reformed or Lutheran church, you, no doubt, want to celebrate your guy. Go for it.

But I really see no need for me to, seeing as how I disagree with the remaining 75% of Catholicism Luther kept, and seeing that there were other guys who laid the foundation upon which I stand who, in my opinion, did a much better job teaching what the Bible said.

That being said, enjoy Reformation Sunday. I’ll be preaching out of an English Bible Luther had nothing to do with in a church that owes nothing to Luther. Amen.


5 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Care About Reformation Sunday”

  1. Actually I think Oct. 26 was Reformation Sunday. Nov. 2 is probably All Saints Sunday. All Saints Day is Nov. 1 and All Souls Day us Nov. 2. LCMS & WELS pastors would agree with you when you wouldn’t call Luther the Father of all non-Catholic churches, since they would call them heterodox churches.

    You have often said we shouldn’t dwell in the past and, yet, the tendency of conservative Lutheran pastors is to teach only what has been taught for 500 years to the next generation. They look to the Book of Concord and the first Synodical President and fail to see all the riches of God’s Holy Word.

  2. You’re probably right about the Reformation Sunday date. Shows how much I care about it!

    The problem with many “old” denominations is the tendency to preach tradition over the commandments of God. No denomination is exempt from that danger. It is one reason why I am non-denominational. There is no set stuff that must be preached or a guy’s writings to follow. Doesn’t remove the tendency to replace the Bible with tradition, but I find it helps immensely.

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