Why I Am Biased–Because I Say What I Believe

Recently read a book on The Hundred Years War written by a British guy who doesn’t seem too keen on the French.

I am British by descent. There’s a museum in Cape Cod with our family tree tracing us way back to very early America coming over from England.

I enjoy British humor and grew up in it. This author had British humor. If you aren’t a fan of British humor, you wouldn’t even see the jokes, let alone think they were funny.

After reading books that I enjoy, I go on Amazon to read what others think of it. I already have my opinion, what do others say?

Several enjoyed it, others took issue with the fact that it was a British guy writing history about British people who sincerely enjoyed rooting for the Brits and the downfall of the stupid French.

I enjoyed it. Others hate it because historians are supposed to be “unbiased.”

I hear that a lot these days, people should be unbiased. Supposedly news anchors, churches, historians, and even sports announcers are not supposed to cheer for a side.

I have no problem with biased reporting. It’s not like it takes a genius to figure out someone’s bias. The people I am more afraid of are the ones too scared to share an opinion, talking smooth, flattering words to keep everyone happy.

They give me the creeps. Unbiased people have to have no dog in the fight. When it comes to spiritual things, it might even mean they don’t believe anything, which is a problem.

Yes, too much bias can be a problem when it starts to lie and twist facts so you can bash the enemy. That I don’t need, but I don’t mind throwing an opinion around here and there.

This has gotten me in trouble as a pastor. People don’t mind opinions that mock others, but when my opinions hit too close to home, it’s not funny, then they want unbiased preaching.

Well, tough. I am unbiasedly biased in my opinions. I think Covenant theology is bad. I think Calvinism is from Satan himself. I think Charismatic influences have done more to ruin Christianity than any other force other than Calvinism.

I am not going to hound these people, nor troll on their internet sites. You are free to believe as you wish. You are even free to bash Dispensationalist, non-charismatic, non-Calvinists as demon spawn if you so desire.

You know where I stand. It’s what you’ll get from me. I make no apologies for what I believe, only if I ever get carried away in personal attacks, change the truth for the sake of argument, or in any other way delve into un-Christlike activity.

You have my unbiased word on that.

3 thoughts on “Why I Am Biased–Because I Say What I Believe”

  1. Those who say preachers should be unbiased probably believe in relative truth. I knew when I came to RBC what you’d be preaching. I just don’t know if you’re devil spawn for preaching it and I’m devil spawn because I might be starting to believe it also. Glad to know there’s only one Judge and I’m not it!

  2. Not entirely sure about the older line, have another line from Dewsbury in Yorkshire that came over in early 1900’s.

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