Your Pastor Is Not Infallible: A Confession

I was reading a theological book earlier this week and was inspired to come up with a great point. It wasn’t a point the author made, it was a point that my mind made based on what the author said.

It was genius. Brilliant. One of my better thoughts.

I developed it into a Bible study to teach and wrote it up in a blog post. Genius stuff.

So, Thursday night came, the time when I teach my Bible study. I was on a roll. I was excited. A great point, one I’d never seen before. Oh, it was good. Can’t wait to drop this nugget of genius on some folks and see their faces light up with my illumination of God’s Word.

I set it up perfectly, I was anticipating the delivery of The Point, I read the verse The Point came from and asked my leading question setting up The Point beautifully.

Although I never yelled the word “Omaha,” you could sense the touchdown pass coming.

I asked my leading question. It was met with silence. I repeated the question with glee, assuming my genius had sunk in and they were in awe.

Then came a tentative answer. Unfortunately, it was a tentative answer that was the opposite of The Point. But I paused, “Oh wait,” I thought, “I think he’s right.”

My face flushed. Someone turned the heat up in the room right then too, I think. Soon the group was nodding their heads in agreement with the tentative answer that refuted The Point. “Yeah, I agree with what he said,” they all chimed in.

Bummer. I blew it. My whole Bible study was based on a hyper-excited reading of a passage that I wanted to make my point. The very passage I based The Point on, refuted The Point.

How embarrassing. How humiliating. Pastor’s aren’t supposed to get stuff wrong. What do I do for the remaining half hour which has suddenly been freed up?

I apologized.”This explains why I’ve never seen this point before,” I said.

I deleted the blog post. I crawled into a hole in the ground and repented in dust and ashes before the Lord.

Hey, you can’t win em all.

Just another reminder: Don’t take people’s word for it; Look It Up!

5 thoughts on “Your Pastor Is Not Infallible: A Confession”

  1. Interesting. I was just talking to my husband about how I so need other peoples’ input. Not to always agree with them but to consider another point of view I could never see on my own. I have been humbled and learned so much in our Bible study (even though I’m not a pastor). I hope you will at some point share what it is you learned!

  2. I didn’t learn anything, I had just completely misread the verse and developed a point on my misreading. The real reading is a reading I had known for about 20 years, just one of those things that the brain messed with!

  3. Ohhhh, the point you’d never seen before was “The Point,” not what the group agreed on…Sorry I read through it too fast! :)

  4. That’s why I keep attending RBC. To learn how to read the Bible and follow the Master’s voice without being ensnared in idol worship with the pastor is a lesson worth learning!!

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