Christians: Stop Trying to Fix People!

I was recently asked, “How else can I encourage you?”

I felt bad because “else” implies I was previously encouraged by this individual and apparently I missed that.

There is a pompousness to many Christians. It’s the Spiritual Guru mentality.

“I have it all figured out. Allow me to fix you and point out the faults you don’t know you have but I can clearly point out in you based on the four minutes of conversation we’ve had together in all our lifetime.”

This attitude was one of the things that irritated me most about Christian college and Seminary. Around every corner lurked some spiritual guy who wanted to fix me.

Good Lord, man, I’m just walking to Intro. to Sociology class, I didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition.

No matter how much you try to deflect their questions and send very clear signals you want nothing more to do with the psycho-analyzation process, they use your words against you.

“Oh, I see by your discomfort that my questions have revealed your inner pride that is causing Jesus to not be able to use you in a greater way.”

It is always amazing to me how these guys with all their insight can’t read body language and dismissive sarcasm.

And, woe unto you if you run into a Charismatic with the “gift of prophecy.” Talk about a sarcasm dead zone.

Pharisees always know everyone’s problems and their solutions. They are more than happy to tell you what is wrong with you, to let you know how many things you’ve done wrong. They can also let you know how you can fix them by telling you how awesomely they fixed themselves.

“Be ready always to give an answer” is in the Bible. So is, “foolish and unlearned questions avoid.”

Don’t run around the country looking for people to fix. Don’t run around asking testing questions to gain the upper hand in analyzing problems.

Jesus Christ is the Great Physician, you’re just another patient in His ward. Humble up. Let’s walk with each other, not trip each other.