What is the Best Form of Evangelism?

Here’s a theory rolling around my brain lately.

When it comes to a person’s favorite form of evangelism (the one they are most comfortable doing themselves), I wonder if it is also the one that was instrumental in their salvation.

I know many people who despise street preachers, yet there are some very effective street preachers, many of whom were saved by a street preacher.

Many despise giving out tracts, “at least have the courtesy to go out of your way to talk to me.” Yet many hand out tracts, and many do so because a tract was instrumental in their salvation.

Many despise church camps, but those who tout their benefits were often people saved at a church camp.

Now, in all this, one must make the assumption that you know when  you were saved. For some this is easier than others.

My salvation was gradual, as far as I can tell. There was no crisis moment. I sort of remember asking my dad a question and praying something while laying on the bottom bunk in my bedroom.

But I have no idea what I said, if it is even a real memory (yes, I’m getting old), and I have no idea on the timing.

When it comes to “how I got saved,” I’d have to chalk it up to a constant inundation of talk about faith and the Bible, as well as being surrounded by examples of faith that were both good and bad.

Perhaps that is why my preferred method of evangelism is pastoral work–constantly handing out biblical information and doing my best to live it.

I think the Church needs to be gentle in judging all forms of evangelism. Most people who despise certain methods of evangelism come from people who have no method of evangelism.

Typically, judgmentalism comes out of insecurity and a feeling of inferiority or guilt. The best form of evangelism is the form you do!

Lighten up on others, take care of you.

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