God Hiring Idle People Standing Around

Matthew 20 tells a parable of a vineyard owner who hires some guys at various points of the day and then at the end of the day gives everyone the same wage.

It’s a parable that is used to show the goofiness of grace and the inevitable response of the older brother who finds fault with grace being given to those “not worth it.”

Grace is not fair, it’s one of the problems people have with it.

It doesn’t seem right that both the guy who spent his whole life following Christ gets the same reward as the one who converts on his deathbed after a lifetime of debauchery.

But salvation is not fair to anyone, quite frankly. No one deserves it. There is a certain amount of injustice to grace–which is why God had to find a just way to justify the unjust, and this way cost nothing more than the death of the Son of God.

Here’s a little something else to think about in relationship to the parable of Matthew 20: observe Proverbs 26:10

Like an archer who wounds everyone, So is he who hires a fool or who hires those who pass by.”

I suppose a guy could get technical and say the laborers that were hired weren’t “passing by,” they were standing idle in the market place. OK fine, whatever.

The point is that hiring any random stranger hurts everyone! Yet this is the exact metaphor for entering the Kingdom!

Or is it? Does God hire random people passing by, or does God seek people to be saved?

Interesting. Or is it?

Here’s another thing to throw into the mix–getting to go to heaven is equated with receiving a wage for work done. I thought it was by grace through faith, not by works? How can Jesus use such a poor illustration when we so vociferously maintain that we can’t do anything for salvation lest we negate grace?