How to Have Confidence in the Day of Judgment

Eternal Security is one of those issues where people would rather believe happy thoughts than what the Bible says.

The Bible has many warning passages (even by Paul) about “if you continue” or “if you hold fast.”

Without getting into the issue itself, I think there is a HUGE problem the church has with eternal security and assurance.

The problem lies in this: Because a person feels secure they are going to heaven, does not mean they have eternal security!

In other words, just because you really, really think you are going to heaven, means absolutely nothing on Judgment Day.

This is example four based on the three examples of yesterday about people who have a problem and yet specifically deny the biblical solution.

A person came to me in the process of dying, very worried about eternal security. They thought they were going to heaven, but they weren’t sure.

This was also a person who was not, shall we say, the best example of Christ-likeness I’ve ever run across.

The Bible tells us quite clearly how we can have confidence on the day of judgment.

Having confidence today that you will have confidence in the day of judgment is not the issue.

Whether you feel secure is a rather minor point in the whole issue.

If you want confidence in the day of judgment, we are told this:

By this, love is perfected with us, so that we may have confidence in the day of judgment; because as He is, so also are we in this world.

Confidence in the day of judgment comes from living like Christ now in this world. Grace is what teaches us to live this way in this present world.

The Bible’s test as to whether you are saved is not because you feel you are, not because you think you are, not even because you say you are.

The test the Bible gives to let us know we are saved, that we can have confidence in the day of judgment, is if we increasingly are becoming like Christ.

Are you increasingly living the new life Christ has put in you? Then you can have confidence.

“What? I don’t have to look like Christ! I’m saved by grace, I don’t have to do anything.” Say the same folks who seem so cocksure of their eternal security. Not because they actually are, deathbeds are revealing, but because they are trying to convince themselves it is so.

Obedience to Christ, living the life of Christ in you by the Spirit, is the only way to have confidence in the day of judgment.

The only way.

You may have a false confidence today, but today doesn’t count like That Day. Have confidence then by living like Christ now.

2 thoughts on “How to Have Confidence in the Day of Judgment”

  1. So the answer I was always given, “I have faith in Jesus”, is incomplete because true faith produces true works.

  2. Salvation is by grace through faith.
    Salvation is not gotten by works.
    Salvation results in being a new creation who does good works.
    (Ephesians 2:8-10)

    If there are no works, it means there is no salvation, which means there was no faith.

    You can’t start with works, because that’s taking a law and saying, “OK, I’ll do that.” This will end in disaster–the good that you want to do you won’t do and the evil you don’t want to do you will do.

    You will cry out for Jesus Christ who can deliver you from being a wretched creation.

    By faith you are identified with Christ in His crucifixion, burial, and resurrection. Therefore, you have new life in Christ, don’t yield your members to sin but yield them as instruments of righteousness with fruit unto holiness and the end everlasting life.
    (Romans 6-8)

    Faith is more than just saying “OK” to the Gospel. Faith is joining Christ in the Gospel and every time that happens, the believer is made a new creation unto good works.

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