Nice is not the same thing as Love

Nice is not the fulfilling of the law.

God’s niceness was not demonstrated when Christ died for us while we were sinners.

It wasn’t because God was nice that He sent His only begotten Son.

Faith does not work by nice.

All uses of “nice” above should be replaced with “love” to be stating things correctly.

Perhaps we too often confuse love with nice.

Now, in all the above examples, certainly God was nice in sending Christ, and nice fulfills quite a bit of the law, but still, “nice” doesn’t cut it.

Love isn’t always nice.

The difference between nice and love comes down to pleasure.

Nice is defined as “what is pleasing and agreeable in nature.”

Love isn’t always shown in pleasing ways.

If my father were nice, I would have never gotten in trouble. “Oh son, yes I see you shot an arrow through our neighbors shed. Here is a pleasing and agreeable response: go eat some cookies.”

“Oh wow! Thanks Dad! Watch how quickly I can reload and shoot another arrow!”

Love, on the other hand, is willing to be real. “Son, I see you shot an arrow through our neighbor’s shed. Watch me break your bow and arrows in half. Get your money, let’s go to the store and buy supplies to fix the neighbor’s shed. Cookies? No cookies for a month.”

Always being nice is a surefire way to ruin your kids. A father who loves his son chastens his son.

If you claim God is nice, that He doesn’t chasten you, watch out! You’ve just declared He’s not your Father.

God loves you. He demonstrated that love by sending Christ to die on the cross. In order to wake you up to your need of Christ, and to get you to apply the Gospel, don’t be surprised if God occasionally does things to you that are not pleasing and agreeable to your flesh!

Remember, the same God who spared not His Son for you, is the same God who allowed His Son to be killed for you! There is great love in this, but there is also great teaching in what will become of you!

If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

“Present your bodies a living sacrifice.

“If ye through the Spirit do mortify [put to death] the deeds of the body, ye shall live.”

The Spirit of God puts to death the deeds of your flesh. Your flesh is not pleased with this; it’s not nice. But guess what it means if this doesn’t happen? It means your dead in sin, which ultimately, is not pleasing to your flesh for eternity.

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