Be Careful How You Ignore Bible Verses

Whether the Bible is true or not has been an issue rolling around even before it was written. Many of the prophets who wrote portions of the Old Testament had guys doubting whether they spoke for God or not.

There is nothing new under the sun.

Dealing with the reliability of Scripture is a tough issue, I do not mean to minimize it. Many Fundamentalist responses are trite and uncaring. “I believe it cuz God said it.”

Well, that’s lovely and all, but through the years many people have claimed they were revealing things “God said.” Muslims believe God revealed the Koran. What makes you think you have the one book that God REALLY said?

The issue at the heart is, “Yea, hath God said?” It’s Satan’s first attack against humanities’ obedience to their creator. The attack won’t go away anytime soon.

As long as Satan and humans exist, there will be attacks against what God said.

There are several passages of Scripture I really have no idea what to do with. There are others that I know what to do with, and I just really don’t want to.

It shocks me how hard this is for us to admit. There are all kinds of Christians who believe in a literal reading of Scripture, who literally do not do what the Bible literally says.

Head coverings. 1 Corinthians 7. Head coverings. Yup, there’s one I have no idea.

Rather than just saying, “Yeah, not gonna do it, and I’ll stand before God with that.” We feel we have to come up with an elaborate theory to explain it away.

Well, it was a cultural issue, we don’t have to do it now.

How hast thus determinethed that?

Homosexuals are using the same argument about why homosexuality is ok with God.

Women should keep quiet in church.

Well, Paul was a male chauvinist, obviously we’ve evolved past this stage of thinking.

People then launch into “there is no difference between male and female in Christ.” Which is fine, except that was said by Paul, too. Is he disagreeing with himself?

So, then they break out, “Well, Paul listed women as people who helped him in the church, there might even be a female apostle!”

Again, all that was said by Paul too, who also said women should be quiet in church.

Here’s the thing, I will not solve these issues for you. Even if I told you what I believed and backed it up, if you disagree, you’ll still disagree.

But be very careful how you have decided to chuck verses out of your Bible, because you “know” we don’t have to do this anymore. If the Bible never explains that it changed the plan, like it did with sacrifices, temples, priests, etc (read Hebrews), be very careful in changing the plan for it.

You’ve just opened the proverbial can of worms. If you can scoot around your issue like that, you have no right to be bothered by someone using the same logic to scoot around their issue.

If you think women can be pastors, then you should have no problem with homosexuals saying God is cool with homosexuality. You both use the same logic.

This is my warning: Be careful what all you throw out and how you throw it out, to keep your pet issue alive. It’s better to blame the weakness on you than on the Bible.

Any time you come to Scripture and think, “Did God really say that?” Consider the possibility you are under satanic temptation.