Toronto Hates Jesus, Eh

Hey Canada, what’s up with hating Jesus, eh?

Toronto city officials have canceled the annual Jesus in the City parade.

“It is a sad day in this city when a parade for peace and love, Jesus in the City, is cancelled by city officials,” said McVety. “They would never do this to (the Caribbean Carnival) or the Pride Parade.”

“We were really upset by this,” said Dr. Charles McVety, of Canada Christian College. “We have been planning for the whole year and just weeks before the event, notice comes to cancel it. It’s shocking.”

“Christians are being slaughtered around the world and now persecuted at home,” said McVety. “Toronto used to be known as Toronto the Good, now it is Toronto the intolerant of good.”

Now, before you go hating on Toronto, the reason it was canceled is because of construction on the parade route as well as orientation day for the University located there. Too much traffic, too many roads closed, so Jesus gets the boot.

Something tells me Jesus doesn’t care too much about parades. Last time He was in one, they killed Him soon after. Eh.

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