Cursed Italian Politician Asks for Exorcism

A senior Italian politician who compared a black minister to an orang-utan has now said he is considering asking the Pope to recommend an exorcist to fight off the curse he claims the minister’s father has placed on him.

In a rather convaluted story, the minister’s father at a prayer meeting “a prayer was said in which God was asked to free Mr Calderoli from evil thoughts.”

Since then the offending politician has had “a series of misfortunes he has incurred since then – including six hospital operations, the death of his mother, two broken fingers and two broken veterbrae,” among other things.

So, the politician now believes he is cursed and requests an exorcism to get the curse off of him.

The praying minister said, “”We are Christians like him, we have forgiven him and our prayer was only meant to encourage him to make statements befitting his role.”

No matter how things get worked out here, not sure the alleged “curse” is this man’s biggest problem.

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