Not a Grammar Snob, Just a Verse-Quoter Snob

Grammar Snobs, sometimes called “Grammar Nazis,” get irritated when others use bad grammar.

The wrong use of its or it’s, and your and you’re, are perhaps the chief offenses.

I am a bit of a grammar snob. I have an eye to see errors, although will freely admit I am horrible with commas and switching tenses.

But there is another foible of human nature that irritates me more: people who quote verses in all the wrong places.

Many of the posts I have done on here over the years have pointed out bad applications of verses.

I fear that my sensitivity to how horribly people quote Scripture makes people nervous to talk about the Bible with me.

The few grammar snob friends that I have freak me out. I am hyper-sensitive about re-reading my stuff I send them so as not to have to put up with another stupid lecture about the difference between “cloth” and “clothe,” or whatever.

Sometimes I don’t even write to them. Just can’t handle the pressure today.

When I become critical of how others use Scripture, am I helping them, or merely rejoicing in my awesomeness and clear superiority?

Hard to say sometimes. Sometimes not so much.

This blog has long been an outlet for me to spout off on whatever Christian stupidity is making the rounds. I enjoy this. It helps me cope and it also helps me think.

I have tried many times not to get peeved when someone quotes “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” in yet another completely non-contextual way, or yet another awfully timed quotation of “perfect love casts out fear” or “judge not.”

I just can’t help it. I must say something. I am like Jeremiah perhaps:

Then I said, I will not make mention of him, nor speak any more in his name. But his word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was weary with forbearing, and I could not stay.

See, right there! I got nervous about quoting a verse knowing that someone will pounce on me since I took my arrogant stand. The judgment I use on others will be the same judgment I get judged with, or however that’s said.

So nervous now.

When I get tough on others, it helps me analyze myself. It’s a way to stay alert to how I use the Bible.

I mean no offense with my judgments, but sharp swords must be handled carefully lest someone get hurt.

2 thoughts on “Not a Grammar Snob, Just a Verse-Quoter Snob”

  1. I now try to be extra hard on myself regarding the quoting of texts because in the past I spent so much time quoting texts according to the context of sermons in which I’d heard them quoted, instead of referring to their actual BIBLICAL context.

    I suspect many people have fallen into the same habit that I previously had and it can still be a struggle not to do it myself (a struggle in which I don’t always succeed).

    Now, if tempted to quote a text I want to make sure I double check that 1) my memory of the verse isn’t faulty and 2) that my intended use of it conforms to its intended meaning in scripture.

    With “promises” in particular we can be very quick to apply them to ourselves or our community when their biblical context is specifically addressed to someone else and is not a universal promise that can be plucked from scripture and applied personally at (our) will.

  2. I’m sure that the professional debaters out in the internet would catch any perceived misstep, but would it be according to Scripture or their own filters? Most people, like me, would be hard pressed to make an informed judgement on that matter. So, keep up your process of learning. For those who want to learn, the effort is appreciated. For those who don’t, you gave them something to feel smug about.

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