Raising Awareness for People Whose Awareness Is Tired Of Being Raised

Significant numbers of famous people are dumping ice water over their heads lately.

I don’t know why. It is “raising awareness” for something. I don’t know what, because as soon as I see some celebrity doing anything pretentious on television, I immediately tune out.

(I believe it is pretentious because dumping ice water makes you feel special, like you are doing something, even though nothing was actually done.)

To be honest with you, I am quite tired of having my awareness raised.

We all have problems. I could raise awareness for Juvenile Retinoschisis, as this is the eye problem that I have, but I don’t.

I have problems. You have problems.

As long as people are “raising awareness” for their problem, they aren’t paying attention to other people’s problems.

Believers are following Christ, living with the mind of Christ, and will esteem others better than themselves and take an interest in others.

I don’t give money to organizations based on a particular issue. What I do is try to be helpful and encouraging to people I actually know, and be aware of what they are going through.

Having Martha Stewart pander to my awareness-raising may be cool, but I fail to see the point in what is actually accomplished.

Perhaps, and I hope I am stating this carefully, our awareness should sit down for a while and stop being raised over anonymous problems. Instead be aware of people around us we can actually help and encourage.

Often we are so concerned about multiple things we become unhelpful to all. Focus. Cut back. Help people you actually know.

Instead of sending money to some cancer awareness group, go visit a person in the hospital dying from cancer. Too much of awareness raising is symbolism over substance.

If you feel being aware and partaking in certain awareness raising activities such as dumping ice water over your head is how you should follow Jesus Christ, go for it.

Just don’t forget to love your neighbor. The one next door who probably has many problems you are unaware of because you are too busy being aware of too many other things.