The Hereticism of Thinking Outside the Box

Thinking outside the box is encouraged by most.

Until you actually do!

Christians are very particular about their beliefs, which seems like a good thing.

Except you should know that most individual’s beliefs are based on other individual’s beliefs.

Even more, they are based on specific individuals who are believed by those whom those individuals have decided to believe. And those only believe what they believe because their group believed others who believed it, and on and on.

It’s been a real long time since programized churchy institutions and their members have consciously thought about most doctrine.

Mostly we believe stuff because the people we choose to believe, believe that stuff.

To break away from that stuff, to even ask a question about that stuff, will immediately generate a negative, fearful response.

They aren’t too concerned about you seeking truth, wisdom, or what the Bible says, they are more interested in keeping you “in the box,” as it were.

If you dare to question why we have decided to be in the box to begin with, threatened people will threaten you with harm.

You might go to hell if you reject this!
You are heretic scum!
You have let down your religious forefathers!
Your forefathers are turning over in their graves!
How can you turn on us, we’ve done so much for you?

On and on it will go. Few will think with you. Most will be threatened that your thinking might make them think, and Lord knows we can’t have that.

It is funny that Christianity speaks of liberty, freedom, grace, and mercy yet we’re so filled with fear, anxiety, conformity, peer pressure, and legalism.

And by “legalism” I don’t mean not smoking and drinking, I mean adherence to human tradition over God’s Word, even by people who adamantly hate “legalism.”

People hate legalism, until you challenge their own legalism, then you find out that all believers are legalists to one extent or another.

When you find yourself in a theological argument, do you ever run to the–I wish you would talk to my pastor, or read this book, or listen to these sermons, or just shut up and let Calvin/Arminius/Luther/Piper/etc decide everything for you–line of reasoning?

You might be one of these legalists.

Do you know anything personally? Are all your beliefs in lockstep with a group? Do you believe things just because your guy said so? Do you not believe things because you know if you did your group would turn on you?

This is what Jesus meant when He said you have to hate father, mother, brother, sister , etc if you want to be His disciple.

Do you have the guts to actually live by faith? Or is the broad, crowded road more comfy for ya?

When was the last time YOU thought about what YOU believe?

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