Best Way to be Accused of Being a Heretic–Ask a Question

As a pastor, I am frequently asked questions about what I believe or what I think about what others believe.

My policy for answering such questions is to, as often as possible, quote scripture.

I like to say things the way God said them, not the way I would say it, not even the way my favorite theologian would say it.

God very particularly expressed Himself in the Bible. When we begin to rephrase what He said, I think we lose a lot.

Probably, upon reading this, most Christians would agree with my point.

But guess what happens when you begin to apply this point in questions to other people!

You will be branded a heretic by some, assumed to be on the path to hereticism by others, and probably just laughed off as a dope by the rest.

Don’t think so? How about the trinity?!

As you’ve heard many times, the Bible never uses the word “trinity” once.

Guess what will happen when you ask people why they keep using that word when God never did?

What, are you some kind of heretic? You don’t think Jesus is God?

Nope, just asking why we are using that word that God never used.

Didn’t even say it was wrong to use it, just asked why we use that word.

Go ahead, try it sometime! Ask people why they use the word “trinity” and observe the results.

They won’t even deal with your question, they’ll just realize you asked a question about the validity of “trinity” and they’ll immediately treat you like a moron.

This is one of many examples. I have another one coming your way on Friday!

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