Britain’s Devil Boy

Britain’s Sun Newspaper is facing criticism after putting a picture of a young boy on its front cover with the mark of the Devil on him.


Some have suggested the mysterious mark is a hairdryer burn. What? Come on, you mean there might be a logical explanation?

Others think the only bad thing is that the newspaper is exploiting a child. News people exploiting others for a story? No way!

Either way, I know I’m outraged. Tremendously. Also scared. Scared and outraged. I might not be able to digest my breakfast properly now I’m so scared. And outraged.


1 thought on “Britain’s Devil Boy”

  1. Someone must have removed the pages of my bible that gave illustrations of devil’s marks so I don’t have the resources to assess that mark’s satanic significance.
    But maybe British Murdoch press journalists are more than qualified to make that call.

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