What to do to Get Grace from God

There is a reason why some people get God’s grace and others don’t.

Some say the reason is that God irresistibly shoves grace down some people’s throats, while not giving grace at all to others. No one knows why God does this, He just does. Deal with it.

Irresistible Grace is heresy, in my mind. It has no biblical support and makes God unjust, unfair, and a liar.

“But doesn’t the Bible say God gives mercy to whom He will give mercy?”

Yes it does. It also tells us why he decides to show mercy to some and not others.

God is just and He is paying attention. What you do matters.

Others, even if they aren’t TULIP brand Calvinists, will say “you can’t do anything to get grace, otherwise that’s earning or deserving it and it’s no more grace then.”

This is also grossly misstated.

Grace is not deserved, this is true. You don’t do work and then God pays you with grace.

That being said, there are still things you do to get grace. It doesn’t show wages for service rendered; it shows the meeting of conditions.

One I have mentioned many times is “God gives grace to the humble.” The arrogant won’t get God’s grace. Period.

The last verse of Ephesians gives us another condition, a condition which is much like humility.

Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Amen.

Grace won’t be with you if you don’t sincerely love Jesus Christ.

“Sincerity” means incorruptible, undying. It’s an ongoing and pure love for the Lord. Those who have that will receive grace from God.

I imagine this means something, whether your theology will allow it to mean something is another issue.