The Game of Learning

Stupid people abound.

Apparently, being stupid pays off since so many people decide to stay there.

I never understood stupid.

Then again, there are some who think I am stupid, perhaps stupid is relative.

No, I didn’t say my relatives are stupid.

Proverbs 10:23 is translated differently by every translation. But I think the NASV is a  good translation of it, or at least a translation that is the most fun.

Doing wickedness is like sport to a fool,
And so is wisdom to a man of understanding.

Young’s Literal Translation is similar:

“To execute inventions [is] as play to a fool,
And wisdom to a man of understanding.”

“Sport” and “play” are both translations of the Hebrew word sechoq, which is usually translated as “laughter.”

I like that.

Being wicked is fun, a game for wicked people. Getting wisdom is a game, a source of fun, for smart people.

Do you find learning a source of entertainment? Something you would associate with laughter, play, and fun?

If not, I imagine you view learning as drudgery and work, which is why many remain stupid. Stupid either does wickedness, or gets taken in by wickedness.

Proverbs is all about the value of wisdom and understanding. Getting those things is not automatic. It begins with the fear of God.

Learning God’s wisdom can be a source of enjoyment. It’s why David said he delights in the law of God. Why John says God’s commandments are not grievous.

Once you have a right relationship with God, you know your place and His place, what He says becomes a source of joy, laughter, and play.

There is no place for boring, dry, humdrum Christianity. If that’s what it is to you, get right with God.

Yes, there is work and study, and all of that is not fun, but there is a joy in learning. Find that joy.

Happy is the man that findeth wisdom,
and the man that getteth understanding.