5 Ways to Know you are Identified With Christ

“Identification with Christ” is the point of the Gospel.

Identification is more than just calling ourselves “Jesus people” or “Christians.”

What Christ did; we join Him in. That’s identification with Christ.

How does one know if one is identified with Christ? There are many ways, but here are five key ones.

1) Desire to Defeat Sin
Although sin gets little air time, wanting to defeat sin should have been the main reason you came to Christ. You are fed up with your failure and with the world’s empty answers about your soul’s longings. You know there’s more to life than flailing around amusing yourself. You know Christ is the only answer to sin and its problems.

2) Desire to Pursue Righteousness
If you are putting off sin, you will discover time on your hands. What to do with yourself now that you aren’t sinning? Christianity is more than defeating sin; it’s living in righteousness. Put off the old and put on the new. This involves first, knowing what God thinks is right and second, going and doing that.

3) Humility
Self-righteousness, pride, and arrogance sum up the life of sin. It’s all about you. Now, as identified with Christ, it’s all about Him. It’s no longer I who lives, but Christ who lives in me. You don’t trust yourself. You don’t rejoice in yesterday’s victory; you watch out for today’s coming battles.

4) Service
Other people suddenly show up on your radar. You care more about helping, than evoking sympathy and burdening others with your whiny problems. You stop being busy, and start finding time to be helpful to others. You submit to others for their edification, rather than fighting for your rights.

5) Fruit of the Spirit
Things start happening in your life that never happened before. You grow in self-control and patience. The stuff that used to get you worked up ceases to have that effect. There is a calmness that carries you. You become even-keeled emotionally, and yet feel certain emotions like never before.

There are many other signs you are truly identified with Christ. Each of the aspects of the fruit of the Spirit could get its own paragraph here. Prayer is a huge indicator as well–are you talking to Christ? A desire to read the Word grows. You desire to know God, not just use Him for your temporal blessings. You desire spiritual knowledge to know what to do because you realize how little you know, rather than growing in knowledge to win arguments.

The bottom line is: words matter very little in proving you are saved and identified with Christ. What does your life communicate? Does Christ cross your mind during the day? Do you desire to do what is pleasing to Him? When making decisions, do verses come to mind?

It’s a new life! If you’re still living the old, either wake up, or get saved, which ever applies to you!

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