Jesus Scarecrow

A “Jesus on the cross” scarecrow hung on a lamppost for a Cambridgeshire festival was removed amid a flurry of complaints online.


Radka Shaw and her children made the figure for Godmanchester’s musicals-themed scarecrow festival to represent Jesus Christ Superstar.

Comments on the town’s Facebook page ranged from “offensive” to “it’s only a scarecrow, calm down”. Mrs Shaw said she had removed it but would “resurrect” it elsewhere.””

Seriously, people do need to calm down!

If a person truly believes that Jesus is the Son of God, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, they should also believe that He is capable of putting up with disrespect.

Remember, He actually put up with being crucified!

He’s a Big Boy, He can handle Himself. Show your faith by being rooted, grounded and firm, not freaked out and offended at every breath of wind.

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