Top 10 Regrets of my 40 Years of Life

There are people who say “I have no regrets” as they look back on life.

These people are morons.

Seriously? No regrets? You nailed everything perfectly?

“Well, but the mistakes helped me become who I am.” Perhaps you overestimate who you are.

Imagine who you’d be if you hadn’t made those mistakes! Who knows.

There are many things I regret in my first 40 years of life.

1) Inappropriate jokes. I can’t help it, jokes come to me. Many of them are hilarious but also wrong. I have learned, or am learning, that getting a laugh isn’t always worth it.

2) I should have treated my mother better. My father had to continually tell me to be nice to my mother. I was a disrespectful snot. I can’t do it over, but I regret having been that way.

3) Speaking too soon. I have judged people too harshly. I have shared opinions with insufficient information. I have assumed I knew the problem and the solution and went ahead and assumed that people desperately needed to hear my thoughts to save them from themselves.

4) Speaking not at all. Oh the times when I should have said something and didn’t. Why is it that my mouth works when I want it to stop and doesn’t work when I want it to go?

5) Afraid of people. I have let people dictate my behavior too much. My fear of criticism, or even fear of being noticed, has kept me out of a lot of things in life. Now that I have more confidence I find myself finally doing things I should have done 30 years ago.

6) Wasting time. Oh the hours I’ll never get back. Television and internet are the killers of living.

7) Worry. This is one I’ve gotten pretty good control of, but worry used to ruin me as a kid. When you can’t see what’s going on, you worry about what’s going on you can’t see. Will I find my classes at school? Will the teacher call on me to answer the math problem on the board I can’t see? Oh the tension. I’m glad I’ve grown here, but man did I put myself through the ringer.

8) Unfair expectations for my wife. Being perfect as I am, I needed a perfect wife. I thought I had one. Then it all came crashing down. Then I realized, “Oh wait, I’m not perfect either.” Sorry I put her through my years of frustration, impatience and attempts to change her into what I thought she should be instead of just loving the poor woman.

 9) No discernible skills. I really, really wish I had learned a practical skill at some point. Fixing motors, home repair, electrical wiring, plumbing, something. But here I let my fear of looking like a moron cuz I can’t see what I’m doing stop me. I had opportunities. I didn’t take them. This was dumb.

10) Too frustrated with my children. I have high expectations for them too. I fear I over correct on things I should just let go. I’m impatient. I work at home. I have kids. My “office” is in the basement, which is unfinished. The stairs get walked up and down about 5,000 times a day. My thinking, writing, reading, whatever it is I’m doing, gets interrupted each time. I continue to blow this one, but my kingdom for some peace and quiet. Perhaps I regret not having built walls around my study.

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Regrets of my 40 Years of Life”

  1. Each of us has a secret list of regrets that, if made public, would make us cringe in a corner. I commend you for being so public with yours; I would never have the courage to do this!

  2. I can never understand those people who claim they wouldn’t change anything from their past. If I was given the opportunity to go back and change things I’d done and said I’d take it. But then I wonder what NEW things I’d do that would also give cause for regret.

    But I think in my life there has been more cause for regret in what I DIDN’T do – so many wasted opportunities.

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