Thoughts on Becoming An Old Man

I am turning 40 in a few days.

For the most part it’s just another day, but at the same time I understand the significance of being about half done (statistically speaking).

When a guy hits halftime of life, he realizes what a moronic waste most of the first half was.

At the same time, the first half of life solidifies a whole bunch of stuff that will impact the last half.

Most of the first half of life is learning. I imagine the second half will be filled with more learning, but also, I’m hoping, more learning to apply.

For the most part, my first 40-years were spent being chicken. Even when I knew stuff, I was often too chicken to act on it.

I regret that. At the same time, being chicken has kept me out of a lot of trouble!

The older I get the less I care about the chickenizing stuff that marked my first half.

I am getting over fearing what others think of me. I am already over arguing about what people think of me! Whatever.

I am becoming more principled in doing what is right, or if there are no moral obligations at stake, doing what is more entertaining, regardless of who is around.

Growing up legally blind and cross-eyed made me very insecure and afraid of being noticed. My preferred place was in a corner with no one noticing.

I still like my corners, but I get out of them more now, cuz I don’t care anymore.

So, anyway, this week I’m going to be reflecting on life here, stuff I’ve learned and how I hope the second half goes.

I’d appreciate knowing if any of it helps.

What is your advice for getting old?

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Becoming An Old Man”

  1. Hahaha, 40 is not old! Getting older is awesome (as a believer), except your body falls apart and you see the world going down the drain, which drives you more to God, which is probably why it’s so awesome.

  2. The other day it struck me that the older I get, the more streamlined I feel. Not physically, of course (ha). But a lot of the junk I used to carry around with me I just don’t bother with anymore. My arms are only big and strong enough to carry what I need, though I suppose I’m still carrying more than I really need, which means I just have to keep getting older so I can get more streamlined. I figure I’ll be light as a feather by the time I’m ready to go Home.

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