Psychiatric Christianity

Many people think we come to God’s Word to find out how to be better people.

God isn’t concerned with you becoming a better you.

God’s desire is that your YOU gets out of the way and is replaced by Christ.

God does not want a really good you; He wants to see His Son in you.

Much of the modern church is focused on this sort of self-help theology.

“The entire focus of the church service seems to flow toward that one goal: to make a new me.  The songs are focused on my dating relationship with God (with no thought if the song is biblical or not).  The prayers are for those who had a tough week and need grace just to make it through.  The sermons are focused on my felt needs and what I need to hear from God to make me a better person.”

You can read the rest of the article this quote is from to get more on the subject. It’s well said.

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