Monster Energy Drinks, 666 and Growing Up

I remember as a kid joking around with my buddy at church about the Antichrist and the number 666. As we were sitting in the church kitchen waiting for our youth group, we would look at bar codes on boxes and add or subtract numbers to come up with 666.

“Ooooh, Oreo cookies are a tool of the antichrist!”

We were being goofy, and, in our own way, even then picking on stupid Christian culture.

Lo and behold, bored youth group kids have come up with another one:


To decipher, because you need someone who is trained at doing ridiculousness to fully grasp what ridiculousness is being pointed out here:

the Monster logo, allegedly, is three Hebrews symbols for 6, in other words, the Monster logo says “666.”

Then, elsewhere on the can, it says “unleash the beast.” The “beast” is another word for the Antichrist.

Therefore, Monster energy drinks are facilitating the antichrist. It is also pointed out that there is a crucifix in the “O” of “MONSTER.” Proof positive there.

Of course, Christians will now boycott Monster and be freaked out, “Don’t think this is coincidence, this is an organized effort to turn on Christianity and facilitate the Antichrist.” More than likely facilitated by the Trilateral Commission and so forth.

Yeah. Don’t. Just don’t. Life has too many in your face evidences of antichrist to worry about inventing others.

Actually, if you examine the Monster logo, the top of each mark has a bump to the right, which makes it look more like the Hebrew symbol for 7, it could just as easily be 777, the number of God and perfection.

God is the one who will remove the restrainer who will then usher in the Antichrist, so one could just as easily say Monster energy drinks are rooting for God.

Don’t. Just don’t.

When you become a man, you put away childish things.

2 thoughts on “Monster Energy Drinks, 666 and Growing Up”

  1. I suspect there could be some “truth” to some of these 666 uses in our modern world – but rather than being genuine examples of THE Antichrist at work, I suspect knowledgable marketing people create and “hide” these apparant “666” references on their products etc as a subtle way to mock the kind of christians who are obsessed with finding such “signs”.

  2. I have thought the same thing as well. This certainly draws attention to the product–good marketing, plus makes buying the product a rebellious act, which always helps sales.

    Even if this were some sort of antichrist affiliation, I guess I fail to see how it would help the cause or hinder Christianity!

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