Dealing With Broken Reeds and Other Reed Types

Many years ago there was a person flitting around the edges of our church doing all manner of bizarre things.

Repeatedly asking for money, mooching off people, taking things, breaking and entering at one point, this person even did jail time.

During this whole thing, I was approached numerous times to help this poor, distressed individual. For several years I gave the benefit of the doubt and did what I could, but over the course of years, I realized this was a waste of time.

I began confronting this person with Scripture. I stopped being taken in by the sob stories and changed the subject to this person dealing with their sin. This didn’t go over well. Shocker, I know.

After taking a more confrontive approach to this person, they threw a verse at me a number of times, “A bruised reed He will not break.” If that’s who Jesus was, why was I being so mean?

A little known fact, there are other verses in the Bible about poor little reeds having a tough time. Here’s one:

For the Lord shall smite Israel, as a reed is shaken in the water, and he shall root up Israel out of this good land, which he gave to their fathers, and shall scatter them beyond the river, because they have made their groves, provoking the Lord to anger.

Listen up! I don’t care what kind of reed you are, repeatedly be a moron and things will begin to get tough for ya.

God will uproot Israel who is flopping around in the water, being tossed by every wind of idolatry, and God has had enough.

There is a time to uproot reeds, my friends! God aint afraid to do it.

There is a difference between a broken reed who has been crushed by life, and a rebellious reed that can’t stand firm on the solid ground of God’s Word.

Know what reeds are around you and act accordingly.

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