Homosexuality, the Church and Persecution

People celebrate being cool, being an individual, throwing off shackles and “being you.”

In order to “be you,” you can’t be other people, which means you have to throw away societal expectations and rebel against norms.

The current homosexual movement is a classic case and point.

For many years, homosexuality was taboo. Now it’s cool. A thing cannot be cool if it wasn’t previously taboo.

The more the church and others get freaked out about homosexuality the cooler homosexual behavior seems.

This is one reason why the wrath of man never works the righteousness of God.

Chill. What did you think sinners would do? Not sin?

This same trend is also a reason why when the Church is persecuted it grows. When the world aggressively comes after Christianity, Christianity is suddenly where you have to go to “be an individual” and “rebel.”

A Jeff Weddle Life Truth
If you stick with a behavior over a course of 60 years, for approximately 2 separate decades you will be cool. Not cool today? Wait a while, cool will catch up.

While being an individual rebelling against societal norms, you will get persecution.

Pretty much every persecuted group will say, “Do you really think I would subject myself to this persecution if I weren’t so bound to what is true?”

I’ve heard Christians say it. And I’ve heard homosexuals say it. Yeah, I do believe you would subject yourself to persecution for being weird; that’s one of the main points of being weird–you get to feel special about yourself and your cool pain.

I do not know why people do what they do, but I do know people have different motives for doing the same thing and many motives are far from pure. That’s why God judges the heart–bad motives cancel goodness in your deeds.

The best response to defeating what others do that you don’t like, is to ignore it. Remember your mom telling you to ignore your brother and he’ll stop?

Yeah, it’s fairly effective.

That’s why atheist communists will never win–they are too negatively opinionated about too many things that merely serves to drive people to those things. Communism is prone to revolution.

The Church will lose if we play this game.


We are called to love our enemies.