Guaranteed Half-Hour Church Service

A suburban church near Chicago has decided to have a church service guaranteed not to run over 30-minutes in length.

The idea is to “cut to the chase.” Skip the ritual, the formality, just get to the Bible story and call it a day.

The pastor says,

“The whole idea is to get people who are outside of the institutional church, who want something more relational, the opportunity to have that. That it’s half an hour makes it less of a burden in terms of time commitment. The half-hour is fulfilling. It’s something meaningful that brings some joy.”

So yeah, anyway. No one really wants to hear another pastor bash another pastor. Plus I know there will be many people who will applaud the efforts and be attracted to the church because of it. Which, of course, makes it right.

Let me just say, we’ve come a long way from a day set aside for worship to a half-hour set aside.

But that makes sense, cuz we’re not under law, we’re under grace, doing things because we’re motivated by love not guilt.

Right, cuz that makes this all read much better.

More power to em. Whatever.

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  1. Ryle did write a piece about simplicity in preaching, so I can see him advocating shorter services. However, his reasoning and the reasoning shown in the article linked to here appear to be from completely different foundations.

    Ryle wanted simple forms to communicate profound truth accessibly.

    The pastor of the above church doesn’t want to inconvenience people.

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