Who Would Jesus Bet On? Brazil, All the Way

The World Cup is starting today. A casino has erected a giant Jesus balloon to advertise their betting services. This has, of course, created much outrage.


And, of course, the outrage is exactly what they were going for because now even more people know about the betting services available.

“This is extraordinary, if they knew anything about Jesus they’d know he’d be overturning tables in the gaming halls, because they’re highly addictive and destroy lives.”

Well, I do know things about Jesus, and I bet He’d be overturning tables in many of those Brazilian churches before He’d be worried about casinos.

2 thoughts on “Who Would Jesus Bet On? Brazil, All the Way”

  1. Hi Jeff … Actually, that balloon is for an Australian online gambling company. Notice it’s dressed in a Socceroos jumper as well. So to answer your question, “who would Jesus bet on” the answer must be – as always – “Australia!” LOL

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